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Adjusting fees in MetaMask to reduce the cost of minting a Homo Spacien NFT

High gas fees on the Ethereum Blockchain are an issue for many NFT sales, and Homo Spacien isn’t insulated from this. However, in this blog post we’ll explain how you can make some tweaks to the settings of the MetaMask Browser Extension to reduce the cost of minting your NFT. This is an adapted version of this support post from MetaMask themselves.

So, some prerequisites that this article assumes you have:

a) MetaMask installed; and

b) enough Ethereum (~0.1 ETH) to cover the cost of the Homo Spacien NFT (0.045 ETH each) and the gas fees to cover the cost of minting.

Visit https://homospacien.io/ and you will see that we have an easy-to-follow step by step guide to minting your Homo Spacien NFT.

Step 1: Click Connect Wallet, and enter the password of your MetaMask wallet to link it to the minting app.

Step 2: Click the “click here” link which will check if you have been whitelisted, and if you are, it will enable you to proceed to Step 3 of the Early Bird sale where you can mint 1 NFT.

Later phases won’t have the Step 2 requirement of whitelisting.

Before you click Mint Now, open MetaMask and open My Accounts, and select the wallet address you are using, or linked Hardware wallet address.

Click Settings and then Advanced. Scroll down to Advanced Gas Controls and switch the toggle to On.

You have enabled an option that will let you tweak the settings of the gas to reduce the fees over the default options.

Click Mint Now which will open up the window in MetaMask for your transaction. On the Contract Interaction Screen, above where it says Estimated Gas Fee you will have an Edit option. Click this and it will show you the Edit Priorityscreen. Expand the box that says Show Recommendations. This will give you three options, low, medium and high.

Choose your option, and check the gas and priority fee is higher than the Safe Low fee on https://ethgasstation.info/. We recommend you do not adjust the gas limit. We did a purchase this morning of 5th January and the fee set confirmed in seconds. This will enable you to save significantly on the fees over the default.

For advanced users only. If you’re very familiar with Ethereum transactions, you can adjust the gas fee and priority fees accordingly. You do have the option to take a risk on a lower gas and priority fee (i.e. higher than the safe low option on Ether Gas Station) which may take longer to confirm depending on how busy the blockchain is when you’re conducting your transaction, although, you do run the risk of the transaction getting stuck and failing (and using up eth) if you set this too low.

We hope this article helps you complete your purchase of a Homo Spacien NFT in the most cost-effective manner, and we’d love to hear about your experience on our Discord, Telegram or Twitter once you’ve completed your purchase.

The Homo Spacien Team



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