Buying a Homo Spacien NFT on the MetaMask App for iOS and Android

Homo Spacien
3 min readJan 10, 2022

Don’t have a desktop computer (or prefer using a mobile or tablet) and want to purchase a Homo Spacien NFT? The MetaMask mobile wallet enables you to do this (as most mobile browsers don’t offer extensions like desktop browsers such as Firefox and Chrome).

However, the MetaMask app has a built in browser directly within the app, which enables you to purchase a Homo Spacien NFT directly from your phone or tablet. This step-by-step guide will show you how to use the app to visit the Homo Spacien website, connect your wallet and mint your token.

There are some prerequisites: (1) you have MetaMask installed on your device and are logged in, and (2) you have enough Ethereum to cover the cost of purchasing (0.045ETH each) plus the associated gas fee (which fluctuates based on the network traffic). At the time of publication, the gas fees on the Ethereum network are above average (due to many NFT sales, defi and gamefi all congesting the network), so it might make sense to keep an eye on ethergasstation to mint at a reasonable level of gas fees (which is out of the control of Homo Spacien); as well as reading this associated blog post on how to tweak fees to reduce the cost of minting.

Note: These steps are done on an iPhone (Android devices should have a similar approach though).

First, open up the MetaMask wallet on your phone and you’ll see the screen with your wallet and balance. Click the hamburger menu on the top left to open up the menu and select browser. Then type in

Once on the website, click connect wallet which will open up the prompt to connect to the site, and click connect.

Connect Wallet will change to Ethereum Mainnet and show some characters from your wallet. Then select the number of NFTs you would like to get, and click Mint Now.

This will open the transaction screen, showing the cost of the Homo Spacien NFT’s (0.045ETH each), and then the gas fee (see our blog post link above for how to reduce the gas fees by enabling developer mode). You can then click on the Ethereum price suggested for gas and click edit suggested gas fee.

You can then select low, and expand the advanced options and tweak the gas price and/or priority fee. We suggest not touching the gas limit, as reducing this can lead to a failed transaction which results in your ETH for gas to be burned, without minting the token (which again is out of the control of Homo Spacien).

As the price is so high for gas at time of publication, we recommend keeping an eye on for it to fall into your comfort range, and then mint it when you’re ready.

Welcome to the world of Homo Spacien.

The Homo Spacien Team



Homo Spacien

Homo Spaciens, developed by Vizzio Art Creators Lab, is a powerful, in-vogue NFT art collection around the recent space movement.