Buying Homo Spacien NFTs is easy

Are you new to the world of NFTs? Will Homo Spaciens be the first NFT to sit happily in your wallet? If so, we feel privileged to start your NFT journey, we are sure it will be a cosmic journey of excitement and adventure…

Well, here is a step-by-step approach to buying a Homo Spacien:

Sign up to our various channels and be a part of our community… we want to hear from you, so be active… and please share with your friends and network, the more of us the better…

Sign up and install a MetaMask wallet. Watch this video from MetaMask that explains how to do it:

MetaMask Wallet

Buy some ETH directly into your MetaMask wallet… it is easy and well explained by MetaMask.

How to buy ETH

Set up an account on OpenSea. It is well explained here:

Open Sea Account

If you want to be one of the lucky owners in our pre-sale activities you must sign up to be “whitelisted” on our Early bird and/or Pre-Sale. Early bird whitelisting is already open (and nearly filled) and you can get registered here: . Then, on the specific day of the sales, you will be able to mint if you have been successful in being whitelisted. Details will be sent by email. Make sure your wallet has enough Ethereum.

On the day of the Main Sale (20th January 2022), you must:
Click “Connect Wallet” (in the header of our site) to connect MetaMask to our website (and make sure your wallet has enough Ethereum).
The “Mint” section will be activated on our site at 5pm GMT / 6pm CET / 12pm EST / 9am PST which will allow you to mint an NFT.

Then choose a quantity (max.10 Homo Spaciens per transaction are possible) and click “Mint Now”.

If you are successful, your NFT(s) will then appear in your account on Opensea.

Connecting Wallet and Minting

And then you are the lucky owner of a Homo Spacien NFT. Enjoy it.

You can also see a curated playlist of Homo Spaciens on our Digital Art and NFT platform, Vizzio Art. Check it out now: .

Homo Spacien NFT displayed on the TV via Vizzio Art App

Homo Spaciens, developed by Vizzio Art Creators Lab, is a powerful, in-vogue NFT art collection around the recent space movement.

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Homo Spacien

Homo Spacien

Homo Spaciens, developed by Vizzio Art Creators Lab, is a powerful, in-vogue NFT art collection around the recent space movement.

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