Homo Spaciens on Vizzio Art

The launch of the Homo Spaciens NFT collection by Vizzio Art Creators Lab (VACL), is a global first since a “sneak peek” of the collection can be seen in full screen, high definition on people’s TVs, and screens, using the state-of-the-art Digital Art and NFT platform, Vizzio Art.

We have already uploaded a curated playlist of Homo Spaciens on Vizzio Art. Just download the mobile and TV apps, connect them and you are ready to go. To celebrate the launch of Homo Spaciens, we are happy to provide you a 2 months free subscription by using the voucher code HOMOSPACIEN2 when subscribing. This subscription must be used on the Vizzio Art website (and not on app stores directly). We have presently launched our first MVP — Minimum Viable Product — so happy to receive feedback from the community in order to make it better and stronger. (The best way to use Vizzio Art is via Chromecast).

Vizzio Art will play an important part in the NFT eco-system since it will allow NFTs to be viewed in high definition pre-purchase, and it is the goal to allow NFT collectors the chance to create an account and display their collections through the platform.

No longer will collectors only be able to display their own collections in their home, but at last allow their friends and network to have the ability to view amazing NFT collections in their homes and offices. And as the community builds, this will become a new revenue stream for NFT collectors since part of subscription revenue will be shared with content providers.

Taking the NFT world to a new level…



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Homo Spacien

Homo Spacien


Homo Spaciens, developed by Vizzio Art Creators Lab, is a powerful, in-vogue NFT art collection around the recent space movement.