The inspiration behind the Homo Spacien NFT collection

“Since childhood, I have personally been passionate about space and how mankind will evolve in the Earth’s cosmic backyard. So, it has been a real pleasure to express this passion in our Homo Spacien NFT collection, and I am so excited for NFT collectors and space lovers to own a part of this collection.

I am pleased to give my thoughts about the Homo Spacien character and the collection. As there is a possibility that one day human beings will colonize earth-like planets and start living there, the collection is covering some possible evolutionary changes (mostly imaginary changes as there are many obscurities that science can’t explain) that a human can have in a different environment. Our first character is female. As a persona in my mind, she is a free-spirited survivor, adaptive and a strong person with a higher self. We see her almost like a goddess with a full ability to merge with the universe. So she is a more developed version of us, both technologically and physically, and is pushing the boundaries of perception. We can feel that the way she looks up through the sky is profound. The way she looks has aesthetical values as the universe itself.

Our next persona will be the “male” version of her. The concept is very open to development. For instance, the evolutionary changes can go more extreme by imagining far in the future. We can see their living spaces in the background, or more specific sceneries of the planets they live on, etc.

I am very excited about building a strong community around this collection of people who are intrigued about what space has to offer us.

I look forward to sharing ideas and getting feedback from our Homo Spacien community on our community channels, and to get inspiration about how our “male” Homo Spacien should look and which traits the community would like to see. It is so exciting… Looking forward to connecting with the whole Homo Spacien community”.

Nukhet Cetin, responsible for Art and Concept Creation of the Homo Spacien NFT Collection.



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Homo Spacien

Homo Spacien


Homo Spaciens, developed by Vizzio Art Creators Lab, is a powerful, in-vogue NFT art collection around the recent space movement.